Diamond Pure Water Filtration offers unique and effective water softening systems which set us apart from our competition. For over half a century, Pentair & Fleck have led the advance in control valve technology for water treatment and filtration applications. We offer a variety of systems to achieve the right process for your home or business. You can choose from our easy to program Fleck or Clack Valves which are available in a large LCD display with user-selectable time clock or metered functions, or install our premium touch screen models.

Diamond Pure Water Softeners are easy to use and maintain – there are no filters to change or flush. Simply fill with salt when needed, knowing that our advanced regeneration technology reduces overall salt use.


  • Clack Valves WS1, WS1.25
  • Pentair Fleck 5810 or 5812 Valves
  • Hybrid Systems – Space saving stacked design
Benefits of a Diamond Pure Water Filtration Water Softener:

  • Provides a continuous supply of soft water for your entire house
  • Reduces soap residue on hair and skin
  • Leaves clothes brighter and soft to the touch
  • Makes household cleaning easier and less expensive
  • Prevents hard water spots on glassware, dishes and utensils
  • Reduces soap scum and scaling on faucets, sinks and tubs
  • Reduces water heating bills
  • Increases the lifespan of water-using appliances

We have a variety of water softeners available and we will help find the perfect solution for your water treatment needs and budget. Diamond Pure Water Filtration has the perfect water softener for you and your family.

Effects of Hard Water

One issue of hard water is that soaps and detergents lose some effectiveness. Instead of dissolving completely, soap combines with the minerals to form a coagulated soap curd. Because less soap is dissolved, more is required.

Another reason to be concerned about hard water is its effect on your plumbing system. Calcium and magnesium deposits can build up in pipes, reducing flow to taps and appliances. In water heaters, these minerals generate a scale buildup that reduces the efficiency and life of the heater.

Water Softening Solutions

A solution to the problem is to get rid of the calcium and magnesium by installing a water softener.

The most popular water softeners have an automatic regenerating system. The most basic type has an electric timer that flushes and recharges the system on a regular schedule. During recharging, soft water is not available.

A second type of control uses a computer that watches how much water is used. When enough water has passed through the mineral tank to have depleted the beads of sodium, the computer triggers regeneration. These softeners often have reserve resin capacity, so that some soft water will be available during recharging.

A third type of control uses a mechanical water meter to measure water usage and initiate recharging. The advantage of this system is that no electrical components are required and the mineral tank is only recharged when necessary. When it is equipped with two mineral tanks, softened water is always available, even when the unit is recharging.

How can Diamond Pure Water Filtration help me?

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